Equatorial Shift Frequencies


This blog continues entries from the Equatorial Frequencies over in blogspot. The shift is made because of LaTeX convenience.

The idea for this blog to report my current readings and current research interests or even random thoughts. Presently my research interests is (unbelievably) the following:

  • Category and topos theory approaches to foundational theories in physics and mathematics
  • Geometrical approaches to quantization and quantum information
  • Quantum theory on hyperbolic spaces
  • Classification of solutions for LRS cosmology
  • Complex network theory and applications

This is pretty tough-going but I’m doing this together with colleagues and students. Some books I’m reading in parallel now is

Yes, I’m going back to basics. I want to make sure my understanding is on concrete ground. I’m reading papers as well, which I will review here from time to time. Prakash’s book will be reviewed in my other blog Ketchup Spills for teaching purposes and picking up things that I have long left behind. Karen & Lakic’s and Stenholm & Suominen’s books are library books that I hope to finish reading it. Liddle’s book is for me to set questions for my student. Miranda’s book is my hope for an introduction to algebraic geometry plus related matters. Isham’s book is for me to review Isham’s earlier work during our LuFTER seminars. Lawvere & Schanuel’s book I’m picking it up back after leaving it aside ages ago. Wasserman & Faust’s book is for Complex Network discussion group. This will be slow and painful …


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