INSPEM GeoGebra Workshop, Dec. 16, 2010


Just to announce that Laboratory of Innovations in Mathematics Education, Institute for Mathematical Research, Universiti Putra Malaysia will be organizing the following workshop on GeoGebra:

Workshop on Applications of Geogebra in Mathematics
December 16, 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 10am-12 noon
Venue: Al-Khaitam Laboratory, Mathematics Building, UPM

Speaker: Zsolt Lavicza, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

GeoGebra is rapidly gaining popularity in the teaching and learning of mathematics around the world. Currently, GeoGebra is translated to 52 languages, used in 190 countries, and downloaded by approximately 300,000 users in each month. The use of technology is slowly becoming a substantial part of today’s education. Although due to the increased accessibility of affordable computing technologies in the 1980s and 90s it was predicted that computers would become rapidly integrated into mathematics teaching and learning (Kaput, 1992), technology uptake in schools has been considerably slow. The current expansion of technology use took a new unconventional direction: a bottom‐up, community‐based collaborative development, catalysed by Internet‐based communities and increasingly available community‐developed software packages.

During the past decades it has been demonstrated that a large number of enthusiasts can alter conventional thinking and models of development and innovation. The success of open source projects like Linux, Firefox, Moodle, and Wikipedia shows that collaboration and sharing can produce valuable resources in a variety of areas of life. While working on the open‐source project GeoGebra we are witnessing the emergence of an enthusiastic international community around the software. GeoGebra has grown from a small student project to an international organisation. Due to the involvement of thousands of volunteers we hope that it will offer a new way to teach mathematics around the world and contribute to the education of students.

Note: Limited to 30 places only.

For Further Details, Please Contact:
Ms. Fara Nadia Zainuddin
Phone: 603-8946 7594

This workshop is followed by  a seminar on MATHEMATICAL INSTUITIONS HIDDEN IN THE TEXTBOOK: USING E-TEXTBOOK OF SCHOOTEN (1646) AND JAPANESE TEXTBOOK by Masami Isoda (University of Tsukuba, Japan) at 2.30pm in the Al-Khawarizmi Seminar Room.


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