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Another long weekend link downloads:, “A Quantized Inter-Level Character in Quantum Systems”, “Minimum Length Uncertainty Relations for a Dark Energy Universe”, “Anyonic Statistics of Quantum Impurities in Two Dimensions”, “Deformed Shape Invariance Symmetry and Potentials in Curved Space with Two Known Eigenstates”, “Quantizing Time: Interacting Clocks and Systems”, “Considerations […]

IMFP 2017 weekend link downloads, “Quantum Walks on Embeddings”, “State-Injection Schemes of Quantum Computation in Spekkens’ Toy Theory”, “Foiling Covert Channels and Malicious Classical Post-Processing Units in Quantum Key Distribution”, “Closed Timelike Curves and the Second Law of Thermodynamics”, “Quantum Mechanical Treatment of Large Spin Baths”, “Critically Excited States […]

Activity-full weekend link downloads:, “Geometry of Quantum Dynamics in Infinite Dimensions”, “Results on the Aharonov-Bohm Effect Without Contact with the Solenoid”, “Dirac and Weyl Fermions – the Only Causal Systems”, “Matrix Product State Approximations for Infinite Systems”, “Probing Quantum Features of Photosynthetic Organisms, “Quantum Secrecy in Thermal States”, […]

Segamat weekend link downloads, “Galilei Group with Multiple Central Extension, Vorticity and Entropy Generation: “Exotic” Fluid in 3+1 Dimensions”, “Lie Algebra Representations and Rigged Hilbert Spaces: The SO(2) Case”, “Dissipation in the Generalized Gibss Ensemble”, “Uncertainty Relations for Two Observables Coupled with the Third One”, “Binegativity of Two Qubits Under […]

Recuperating weekend link downloads:, “Using Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm to Attack Block Ciphers”, “Generalised Quantum Fluctuation Relations”, “Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Violation of a Steering Inequality for Two-Qubit States and Its Monogamy”, “From Bosonic Topological Transition to Symmetric Fermion Mass Generation”, “Exploring Excited Eigenstates of Many-Body Systems Using the Functional Renormalization […]

Flu weekend link downloads:, “Operator Spreading and the Emergence of Dissipation in Unitary Dynamics with Conservation Laws”, “An Algorithm to Calculate a Quantum Probability Space”, “Optimized Quantum f-Divergences and Data Processing”, “Metastability of Hard-Core Dynamics on Bipartite Graphs”, “Topological Superconductivity in the Extended Kitaev-Heisenberg Model”, “Competing Orders in the […]

Meh weekend link downloads:, “Recent Progress on the Description of Relativistic Spin: Vector Model of Spinning Particle and Rotating Body with Gravimagnetic Moment in General Relativity”, “Testing Quantum Gravity”, “Causal Modeling the Delayed Choice Experiment”, “Quantum Machine Learning for Quantum Anomaly Detection”, “New Bounds of Mutually Unbiased Maximally Entangled Bases […]