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Bad weekend link downloads:, “State Transfer in Strongly Regular Graphs with an Edge Perturbation”, “Global Anomaly Detection in Two-Dimensional Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases”, “Entropic Relations for Retrodicted Quantum Measurements”, “How Entangled Can A Multi-Party System Possibly Be?”, “Correcting Coherent Errors with Surface Codes”, “Quantum Information Distribution Without Quantum Channel”, […]

The post-award week link downloads:, “Quantum Mechanics and Hidden Superconformal Symmetry”, “Monogamy of Quantum Privacy”, “Riemann Surfaces of Complex Classical Trajectories and Tunnelling Splitting in One-Dimensional Systems”, “Complex Action Suggests Future-Included Theory”, “Detecting Topological Invariants in Nonunitary Discrete-Time Quantum Walks”, “Majorization Uncertainty Relations for Mixed Quantum States” (coauthored by […]

Malacca weekend links download:, “Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions: A Review”, “Universal Points in the Asymptotic Spectrum of Tensors” (coauthored by M. Christandl), “Verification of Many-Qubit States”, “Locality at the Boundary Implies Gap in the Bulk for 2D PEPS”, “Role of Hypothesis Testing in Quantum Information” (authored by M. Hayashi), […]

Awal Muharram weekend link downloads:, “Non-Closure of the Set of Quantum Correlations via Graphs”, “Energy Spectrum of the Kronig-Penney Model in the Presence of the Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling”, “Non-Equilibrium Work Relation From Schroedinger’s Unrecognized Probability Theory”, “Quantum Analysis and Thermodynamic Operator Relations in Stochastic Energetics”, “Uncertainty Relations with Quantum Memory […]

JB weekend link downloads:, “A Combinatorial Grassmannian Representation of the Magic Three-Qubit Veldkamp Line” (authored by M. Saniga), “Quantum Teleportation and Super-Dense Coding in Operator Algebras”, “Quantum Qubit Switch: Entropy and Entanglement”, “t-Frobenius Negacyclic Codes”, “Newly About Reduction, Non-Locality and No-Cloning”, “Thermodynamics of Quantum Open Systems: Applications in Quantum […]

Eleventh hour thesis submission weekend link downloads:, “A Gravitational Theory of the Quantum” (authored by T.N. Palmer), “Logical Paradoxes in Quantum Computation”, “Locality-Preserving Logical Operators in Topological Stabiliser States”, “Mutual Unbiasedness in Coarse-Grained Continuous Variables”, “Solving the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Paradox: An Explicitly Local and Realistic Model of Hidden Variables for the […]

Eid-ul Adha weekend link downloads:, “Entanglement Renormalization for Disordered Systems”, “The Particle in a Box in PT Quantum Mechanics and An Electromagnetic Analog”, “Genuinely Multipartite Noncausality”, “Tomographic Portrait of Quantum Channels”, “On Tomographic Representation on the Plane of the Space of Schwartz Operators and Its Dual”, “Euler Top With […]