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Bandung weekend link downloads:, “The Physical Structure of Grammatical Correlations: Equivalences, Formalizations and Consequences”, “A Fermionic de Finetti Theorem”, “Kochen-Specker Theorem Revisited” (coauthor, “Integrability of Einstein-Nonlinear SU(2) -Model in a Nontrivial Topological Sector”, “The Spectrum of Permutation Orbifolds”, “Not Doomed to Fail”, “On Flavor Symmetries of Phenomenologically Viable […]

The uncertainty weekend link downloads, “Non-Hermitian Inverted Harmonic Oscillator-Type Hamiltonians Generated From Supersymmetry with Reflections”, “Unified Picture for Spatial, Temporal and Channel Steering”, “Non-Equilibrium Quantum Bounds to Landauer’s Principle: Tightness and Effectiveness”, “Conditional Entropic Uncertainty Relations for Tsallis Entropies”, “Coherent and Thermal States are Nonclassical: Entanglement of Joint Statistics”, […]

Solo weekend link downloads:, “Topological Entanglement Entropy and Braids in Chern-Simons Theory”, “-Spectrum of the Schrodinger Operator with Inverted Harmonic Oscillator” (coauthored by J.M. Isidro), “Twelve Year Before the Quantum No-Cloning Theorem”, “Decomposability and Convex Structure of Thermal Processes” (coauthored by M. Horodecki), “Gauge Invariant Information Concerning Quantum Channels” (coauthored […]

End of Shawal weekend link downloads:, “Quantum Simulation and Spectroscopy of Entanglement Hamiltonians” (coauthored by P. Zoller), “Hamiltonian and Algebraic Theories of Gapped Boundaries in Topological Phases of Matter”, “Discord, Quantum Knowledge and Private Communications” “Teaching Renormalization, Scaling and Universality with an Example From Quantum Mechanics”, “Equivalence Principle for Quantum […]

Home alone weekend link downloads:, “Entanglement and Wigner Function Negativity of Multimode Non-Gaussian States”, “Unbounded Generators of Dynamical Semigroups” (coauthored by A.S. Holevo & R.F. Werner), “Fracton Topological Phases From Strongly Coupled Spin Chains”, “The Category CNOT”, “The Spectrum of the Heisenberg Ferromagnet and Graph Theory”, “Deterministic Quantum Dense […]

Homecoming weekend link downloads:, “Memory Kernel Approach to Generalized Pauli Channels: Markovian, Semi-Markov and Beyond” (coauthored by D. Chruscinski), “Quantum Correlations with a Sequential vs Spatial Gap” (coauthored by A. Cabello), “The Entropic Approach to Causal Correlations”, “Phenomenology with F-Theory SU(5)”, “Contact Topology and the Structure and Dynamics of Cholesterics” […]

Back to college weekend link downloads:, “Nongeneric Positive Partial Transpose States of Rank Five in Dimensions”, “Shannon Entropy Reinterpreted”, “Quantum Gravity as a Multitrace Matrix Model”, “Implications of a Positive Cosmological Constant for General Relativity” (authored by A. Ashtekar), “Quartic Tensor Models” (PhD thesis), “Spectral Flow in 3D Flat […]