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Seratas weekend link downloads:, “The Halon: A Quasiparticle Featuring Critical Charge Fractionalization”, “Operator Noncommutativity and Irreversibility in Quantum Chaos”, “Quantum Master Equations for Entangled Qubit Environments”, “Comparing Continuous and Discrete Wigner Approximations for Spin Dynamics” “Entanglement Detection via Direct-Sum Majorization Uncertainty Relations”, “Relativistic and Newton-Cartan Particle in de Broglie-Bohm […]

Antman-Wasp weekend link downloads:, “Maximum Caliber and Quantum Physics”, “Wheeler-DeWitt Universe Wave Function in the Presence of Stiff Matter”, “Control of Particle Propagation Beyond the Uncertainty Limit by Interference Between Position and Momentum”, “Coherent Fluctuation Relations: From the Abstract to the Concrete”, “Approximation Algorithms for Complex-Valued Ising Models on Bounded […]

‘Eid open house weekend link downloads:, “Fractional Excitations in Foliated Fracton Phases”, “Foliated Fracton Order in the Checkerboard Model”, “Foliated Fracton Order From Gauging Subsystem Symmetries”, “Bipartite Matrix-Valued Tensor Product Correlations That Are Not Finitely Representable”, “Entanglement, Holonomic Constraints, and the Quantization of Fundamental Interactions”, “Solutions to the Constant […]

Istanbul weekend link downloads:, “Horizon Quantum Mechanics of Collapsing Shells”, “Impossibility of Cloning of Quantum Coherence”, “Schrodinger Picture Analysis of the Beam Splitter: An Application of the Janszky Representation”, “Constrained Quantum Annealing of Graph Coloring”, “Arbitrarily Loss-Tolerant Verification of Quantum Steering Without Trustfulness”, “Entanglement-Breaking Channels with General Outcome Operator […]

Eid weekend links download:, “Contextuality and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum Mechanics”, “Non-Abelian Quantum Statistics on Graphs” (coauthored by A. Sawicki), “Entanglement versus Entwinement in Symmetric Product Orbifolds”, “Position-Dependent Mass Momentum Operator and Minimal Coupling: Point Canonical Transformation and Isospectrality”, “Entanglement Content of Quantum Particle Excitations I. Free Field Theory”, […]

Last Ramadhan weekend link downloads:, “Novel Connection Between Lump-Like Structures and Quantum Mechanics”, “Quantifying Memory Capacity as a Quantum Thermodynamic Resource”, “Tripartite Mutual Information, Entanglement, and Scrambling in Permutation Symmetric Systems with an Application to Quantum Chaos”, “An Exploration of the Limits of Control Using Quantum Superpositions”, “Adversarial Quantum Circuit […]

Mid Ramadhan weekend link downloads:, “Relative Entropy Close to the Edge”, “Braiding and Fusion of Non-Abelian Vortex Anyons”, “All Macroscopic Quantum States are Fragile and Hard to Prepare”, “The No-Signaling Principle, and Quantum Brachistochrone Problem in PT-Symmetric Fermionic Two- and Four-Dimensional Models”, “Geometry and Speed of Evolution for a System […]