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Gambang weekend link downloads:, “Many-Body Entanglement in a Topological Chiral Ladder”, ” On the Structure of Abstract H*-Algebras”, “Spectral Presheaves, Kochen-Specker Contextuality, and Quantale-Valued Relations”, “A Complex Network Description of Thermal Quantum States in the Ising Spin Chain”, “Recovering Quantum Gates from Few Average Gate Fidelities”, “Q#: Enabling Scalable […]

Singapore weekend link downloads:, “Wigner Distributions for n Arbitrary Operators”, “Properties of the Wigner Distribution for n Arbitrary Operators”, “Contextuality and Bundle Diagrams”, “Multilevel Quantum Otto Heat Engines with Identical Particles”, “Diagonal Entropy in Many-Body Systems: Volume Effect and Phase Transitions”, “Non-Classicality of Coherent State Mixtures”, “Uncertainty Relation […]

Flu weekend link downloads:, “Inferring Relevant Features: From QFT to PCA”, “Symmetry and Decoherence-Free Subspaces in Quantum Neural Networks”, “Generic Emergence of Objectivity of Observables in Infinite Dimensions”, “Quantum Variational Autoencoder”, “Dealing with Indistinguishable Particles and Their Entanglement”, “Exact Analytical Solution of Entanglement of Formation and Quantum Discord for […]

Chinese new year weekend link downloads:, “Binding Quantum Matter and Space-Time, Without Romanticism”, “Generalized Heisenberg Algebra and (Non-Linear) Pseudo-Bosons”, “X-States of the Same Spectrum and Entanglement as All Two-Qubit States”, “Multipartite Entanglement, Quantum Coherence and Quantum Criticality in Triangular and Sierpinski Fractal Lattices”, “Quantum Relational Hoare Logic”, “Non-Markovian Quantum […]

Eve of new semester weekend downloads:, “Multipartite Monogamous Relations for Entanglement and Discord”, “Superposition, Coherence, and -Symmetry”, “Lower and Upper Bounds on Nounital Qubit Channel Capacities”, “From Quantum Foundations to Applications and Back”, “Some Ulam’s Reconstruction Problems for Quantum States”, “Accessing Scrambling Using Matrix Product Operators”, “Unified Approach […]

First February weekend link downloads:, “Quantum Multiverses” (authored by J. Hartle), “Qualitative Analysis of Magnetic Waveguides for Two-Dimensional Dirac Fermions”, “Making Sense of the Many Worlds Interpretation”, “Multiqubit UPB: The Method of Formally Orthogonal Matrices”, “Coincidence Structures and Hard-Core Few-Body Interactions”, “Symmetry, Structure and Emergent Subsystems”, “Multipartite Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen […]

Another thesis weekend link downloads:, “A Quantum Story”, “Quantifying Causality in Quantum and General Models”, “On the Canonical Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field and the Emergence of Gauge Invariance”, “Demonstration of Topological Data Analysis on a Quantum Processor”, “A Simple Explanation of Born’s Rule” (authored by A. Cabello), “Work […]